WiFi jammer avoids network risks

There are also some security issues in public networks, which may result in loss of privacy and ownership of connected devices. How can we make our mobile phone connections more secure? What are the specific measures or methods? For wireless network security issues, wifi jammer may be helpful. It prohibits wireless networks and is already used in many places. Many people ask me why I should focus on manufacturing and selling signal phone jammers. I think the current results prove that the initial choice was correct. As we have seen, which retail stores will interfere with the Internet? You can see that there are more and more places to use signal blockers, and it has become very popular.

A scammer is a device that can grant access to a wired business network through a wireless network. A typical example is a portable computer connected to the local company network, and its Wi-Fi adapter is active. Sometimes these executives can connect to the nearest wireless network without restriction to browse the Internet, or just send files to colleagues via Wi-Fi, in which case the device will be on a protected wired network and unprotected Establish a virtual bridge between the wireless networks. The internet. Therefore, anyone can bypass the security protocol when accessing the company network through this device. This is the most common risk on any network, but it can be avoided when using a wifi jammer.