wifi signal detector blocks signal output

The development of wireless local area network benefited from the emergence and development of wireless routers that support wireless local area networks. Wireless routers are the key nodes in wireless local area networks and are necessary equipment to realize the conversion from wired to wireless. The following is a compilation of wireless wifi jammer for everyone, let’s take a look!

How to use wireless wifi signal detector

The first method is shielded by router settings, which is only open to a small number of MAC addresses.

The second method, home wifi is mostly used at 2.4GHz frequency is open, it is easy to be interfered, we put it next to the microwave oven, or more Powerful electrical appliances can shield the wifi output signal.

The third method is to be more professional. We can buy professional wifi signal detector for examination room needs. They are more expensive and can block 20-30 meters of WiFi signals. For non-professional needs, it is recommended not to buy them.

The fourth method is to turn off the WiFi... the easiest way is to solve a thousand enmity.