wireless bluetooth camera system restricts mobile IP access

Blocking the wifi signal is actually very simple. You don’t want your kids to connect to wifi. You can turn it off. If you feel bad, then you really have to buy a wireless wifi jammer. It can not only cut off the wifi network, but also It can block the cell phone signal and make your child put down the cell phone completely.

My child has a similar situation, but I have taken a wise move not to give him too much communication consumption. I use a wireless bluetooth camera system to close the home wifi network time, or restrict his mobile IP access, which is not good To use his cell phone. Now that I have done it, he is not as addicted to mobile games as before. I think you can try it. Of course, it is necessary to restrict the driving of the car and lock it. In this way, you can't drive away, you can only steal the property in your car. Of course, you can't put important items in the car. If you forget, you will be stolen.