6-antenna military portable mobile phone jammer

Military 6-antenna portable mobile phone jammer shielding device video

As more and more industries rely on devices with electronic information capabilities, interference may interfere with critical business operations and data. But in the field of data protection, it is foolproof, which makes our company's confidential information more secure. In this Internet age, information is the most valuable thing. This device is currently the only device equipped with an LCD screen. Through the display screen, you can clearly observe the data. You can get more accurate information. It has an independent frequency band switch. You can open the cell phone jammer frequency band as needed.

This product is suitable for: classrooms, libraries, conference rooms, cinemas, churches, prisons and other places. Features:

1. With 1 main switch, the antenna's No. 1 to No. 6 switches are single-control switches, which can select the function of individually interfering with the antenna; the switch with storage function, if the device restarts, it will default before the function design.
2. With LCD display: display whether the work is normal, battery Power display, charging display, body temperature display, more convenient to control the use of equipment.

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