All Deals Jammer Cell Phone

Some commentators believe that the use of Gaokao All Deals Jammer Cell Phone violates the health rights and the right to know the majority of candidates and their parents. Because over the years, when mobile jammers have been launched everywhere, Mr. Tang, the founder of my country's first mobile jammer and an engineer of Tsinghua University, is firmly opposed to the use of such mobile jammers in examination rooms and schools. "Because it does affect people's normal thinking!" Although there are a lot of criticisms in this regard, in fact, they did not really point to the dead spot of the college entrance examination mobile phone jammer. Because on the one hand, the parties concerned can easily obtain approval for the reasons required by management, thereby obtaining legitimacy; on the other hand, the parties concerned will repeatedly emphasize that mobile phone jammers are safe and harmless based on the consideration of a certain installation distance. . cell phone jammer If there is no specific damage to the actual situation of the case, it will undoubtedly support their statement.

In fact, the state has long clearly stipulated that candidates are prohibited from cheating in various forms, including mobile phones. Therefore, as long as the invigilators of each examination room strictly follow the regulations of the examination room system and effectively strengthen the control and punishment of various cheating behaviors such as mobile phone fraud in the examination room, it is actually sufficient to deal with it. But now, the relevant parties have left the original examination room system and regulations unnecessary, leaving the original invigilating manPower unnecessary, and then costing extra money to install the so-called advanced equipment. This is not a repeated waste of the country’s financial, material, and manPower , but also What? In my opinion, this is not so much to prevent mobile phone cheating more thoroughly, as it is a lazy management model. In a modern democratic society under the rule of law, whether it is an act of ignoring legal provisions, ignoring related rights and interests, or an act of unreasonably consuming the country's money, it is more dangerous than the dishonest and cheating behavior of some individuals. Therefore, from this perspective, Shanghai's practice of making full use of the existing system resources and no longer installing the Gaokao All Deals Jammer Cell Phone is worthy of promotion and reflection in various places.