Best Cell Phone Blcoker Money Can Buy Equipped With Transmit Power

The transmit power of the existing Best Cell Phone Blcoker Money Can Buy varies from 1W to 480W according to the usage requirements. How big is this transmission power? In contrast, the transmission power of GSM mobile phones is 2W, and the GSM macro base station is generally 20W to 40W. The shielded transmit power for general exams and conferences is between 10W and 60W. Generally speaking, for general testing and small meetings, choosing a mobile phone jammer with a transmit power of 2W-10W can achieve good results. However, from our survey of large schools and important conference venues, many places tend to pursue high-power shielding unilaterally. For example, in a school with more than 20 classrooms, each equipped with an cell phone jammer , choose 30W of transmit power. In addition, after the exam, due to inattentive use, there are often cases where a small number of screens are not turned off in time and are sent out for several weeks in a row. Especially in an elementary school, the monitors were not turned off for two weeks after the exam. Before we could find that place, we found the screen turned on and sitting on the student podium! Let's all sweat!

Best Cell Phone Blcoker Money Can Buy

Recently, Best Cell Phone Blcoker Money Can Buy putting on the bus has become popular in the US. The reason is probably that the passengers who like to make phone calls on the bus seriously affect others, so someone has come up with a way to block the mobile phone signal. In fact, it is also very common to disturb others by calling in public places in China. Some live on the outskirts of Beijing, more than ten kilometers away from their units. They mainly take the No. 938 No. 7 bus, which is known for its crowdedness and frequent traffic jams, and spend nearly three hours on the road every day. , I saw a lot of loud "calling" scenes in densely populated areas under the crowded halls. Some couples quarrel, some have boring memories, and some have business dealings. Such people usually quarrel as soon as they get in the car and ignore other people. The most terrifying encounter is that some old men dragged authentic Hong Kong-style Mandarin to fall in love. I got goosebumps. There were so many people in the car that I wanted to open the window and jump on the spot.