How to avoid your private information leaked by cell phone

Now the safety of the original more important, even if the mobile phone in hand, on the table, or on the laptop batteries, have may reveal some personal privacy - from personal communications and photos to fund information and login credentials. jammer-shop will provide you with ten safety tips to increase your biggest cell phone security ,Preventing The Leakage of information.

1. Use strong password to replace four pin

Go to "Settings" - > "password" (or "fingerprints identification and code") - > "need password:" immediately. Simple password: "close".

2. Close the lock screen
Go to "Settings" - > "password" (or "fingerprints identification and code") - > "lock allows access to" section.

3. Open the AppleID validation and up to two steps

Go to - > "manage your Apple ID" - > "passwords and security" - > "two-step verification".

4. In the condition of lock screen disable Siri

Go to "Settings" - > "password" (or "fingerprints identification and code") - > "lock when allow access" - > "Siri: closed" and "Settings" - > "general" - > "Siri" - > allow "Hey Siri:" shut down ".

5. Close up automatic synchronization options
Go to "Settings" - > "up".

6. Cancel the WiFi connection to unknown network automatically
Go to "Settings" - > "wi-fi" - > "ask to join network: open".

7. Used to use VPN
Go to "Settings" - > "general" - > "VPN" - > "add VPN configuration..."

8. Close the browser cookies
Safari: "Settings" - > "Safari" - > "privacy and security" - > "ban on track: open" and "disable Cookies: always disable"; The third party browser: check your browser Settings.

9. Close the autofill option in your browser
Safari: "Settings" - > "Safari" - > "general" - > "password and autofill"; The third party browser: check your browser Settings.

10. In you banned application access to your address book and other personal data, photos, news
Go to "Settings" - > "privacy".

Thus it is a humble request to every Smartphone and iPhone user that, always be aware of what you are doing with your phone. The Privacy In Your Own Hands. Don’t trust any unknown application so easily just by seeing its benefits. Technology can be more hazardous in further time thereby causing increased destruction in your Smartphone and iPhone