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This year's general college entrance examination, centering on the general requirements of the provincial party committee and government of "safety, quality, and fairness", establishes the "safe college entrance examination, sunshine college entrance examination, warm college entrance examination" test safety, and pays close attention to the examination discipline. fair and just. To achieve the goal of "three eliminations and one reduction" (elimination of safety accidents, elimination of leakage cases, elimination of work errors, and reduction of violations of discipline and laws to a minimum). Before the college entrance examination, in addition to using Best Cell Phone Blocker For Classroom to do a good job of keeping secrets, all functional departments in the county also perform their own duties to ensure the smooth progress of the college entrance examination. On June 4, the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau concentrated human and material resources to repair and pave the entrance passage of the No. 1 Middle School Examination Room and some roads in the urban area. The power department conducted inspections and safety inspections on the transmission lines of the test site.

Best Cell Phone Blocker For Classroom

The public security, highway, traffic police, industry and commerce, health and other departments formed a joint inspection team to clean up and dismantle structures that obstruct passage such as car washes on the city's roads, and set up college entrance examination signs in relevant departments. The food, student dormitories, canteens, etc. around the test center were investigated and rectified, and cell phone jammer suspects were dealt with. Special rectification of illegal behaviors such as cheating in the "three noes" electronic product examination; the environmental protection department should rectify the noise around the test site. Cell phones are everywhere now. According to the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Society, in October 2005, approximately 195 million people in the United States used cell phones. In Europe, mobile phones are everywhere. It's great to be able to call people at any time. Unfortunately, restaurants, movie theaters, concert halls, shopping malls, and churches are plagued by cellphones because not all cellphone users know when to keep quiet. The speaker and his friends had some personal conversations on their phones. Everyone next to them has to share such private conversations. Who hasn't experienced it? Best Cell Phone Blocker For Classroom Prevent this noisy display. While most can only complain and give up, others go to extremes to retaliate.