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On the morning of the 6th, when the reporter came to the Municipal Enrollment and Examination Office, it happened that teachers from some test centers came to collect anti-cheating equipment. The reporter saw various devices used to prevent cheating in the college entrance examination this year. In addition to metal detectors, there are cheating grams, ID card recognition devices, and Best Cell Phone Jammer To Buy . Cheating Ke, also known as "wireless invisible headset detector", is mainly aimed at cheaters who use wireless headsets including Bluetooth headsets. Once the instrument's warning light displays, it indicates that there is a situation. The ID card identification device and fingerprint identification device are used to identify the identity of suspicious candidates and will not be used by every candidate who takes the exam. This year, there were 38,582 candidates for the summer college entrance examination in Qingdao, an increase of 1,748 over last year. For the college entrance examination this year, Qingdao has set up 11 examination areas, 30 examination centers, and 1,313 examination rooms. So many examination rooms will be escorted by high-definition electronic eyes to do a good job of monitoring. On the 6th, in the electronic monitoring center of the National General College Admissions (Summer) Examination Examination Center of the Qingdao City Admissions Office in 2014, both sides of the room are full of screens, the left side of the door is a large screen, and the right side is a number of small screens. . cell phone jammer

According to the staff of the Municipal Recruitment Office, the large screen on the left can be divided into 48 small screens. During the college entrance examination, you can check the situation of each examination room at any time. It can be said that 1,313 examination rooms in the city are under monitoring. During the college entrance examination, if the Municipal Recruitment Office receives a report from a certain test site that there is a problem, the Best Cell Phone Jammer To Buy electronic monitoring system can quickly locate the suspicious test site, and then check whether there is a problem. On the 6th, the staff of the Municipal Recruitment Office told reporters that the college entrance examination papers had arrived in Qingdao on the 4th. From the transportation of the test papers to the receiving and dispatching, all are monitored by multiple people, and there are electronic eyes, video and other whole-process supervision. For candidates who have participated in cheating in the college entrance examination through various methods, once discovered, they will be immediately disqualified from taking the national education examination for one to three years, and their cheating behavior will be recorded in the integrity file of the examination. For the parents of candidates suspected of participating in the criminal activities of "assisting exams", immediately notify the local public security organs and their work units, and deal with them seriously in accordance with laws and regulations.