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Yesterday was the first day of the 2020 college entrance examination. The reporter saw in the city experimental middle school and the city’s Haizhou high school that all candidates were strictly checked in accordance with the “airport security inspection” standards. This year, our city has further strengthened technical preventive measures in the college entrance examination work, severely cracked down on violations of discipline and cheating, and carried out a number of special tasks for this purpose. For example, start the security and confidentiality work of the college entrance examination and the inspection of modern management measures, focusing on the inspection of the management of the storage rooms of the 8 test sites in the city, and ensure that the test papers and answer sheets are monitored in real time from the storage room to the examination room and the binding room in order to achieve seamless connection. . Detailed inspections have also been carried out on Cell Phone Jammer Leagle , handle-type security inspection devices and signal detection equipment. cell phone jammer

On the first day of the college entrance examination, the reporter visited some test centers and test rooms and saw that the test takers were admitted in accordance with the requirements of the "airport security inspection" standard. Functional electronic device. At the same time, a hand-held security inspection device is used to conduct security checks on candidates, focusing on whether the candidates carry various electronic devices used for cheating. In addition, identities are strictly verified, and the candidates’ personal photos and other identity information are carefully checked. This year's college entrance examination, all examination rooms, examination offices, and examination paper confidential rooms are equipped with an electronic surveillance video system. The storage and distribution of examination papers, the implementation of the examination and the examination conditions of the candidates are monitored and recorded without blind spots. All the candidates’ violations of discipline and cheating are performed in the surveillance videos. The behavior will be recorded. Communication Cell Phone Jammer Leagle is installed in all test rooms. During the examination period, the radio regulatory authority arranged for radio signal vehicles to patrol around the test site, intensify the detection and handling of radio signals suspected of cheating in the test site, and prevent and combat high-tech cheating.