Cell Phone And Wifi Jammer Canada

What do you want that? Don't let this stuff be sold! At 1 p.m. on the 26th, the reporter came to an electronic store on Liaoning Road. When he heard that the reporter was going to buy Cell Phone And Wifi Jammer Canada, a hawker asked vigilantly. In order to dispel his worries, the reporter had to falsely claim that he had opened a gas station, fearing that customers would accidentally call on their mobile phones while refueling, so they wanted to buy a signal jammer. After some inquiries, the hawker said that he could take the reporter to buy, and he led the reporter to an electronic equipment store. When the reporter explained his intentions, the shopkeeper looked under the counter while asking, and said that he operated several brands of signal jammers, with prices ranging from 200 yuan to thousands of yuan. "If you have a small place, you can use this one!" The shopkeeper turned out a palm-sized black instrument from under the counter. The reporter saw that there were three screw ports on the top of the instrument, marked with GSM, CDMA, and CDMA. 3G, etc. According to the owner, the mobile phone jammer has three antennas. When using it, you only need to screw the antenna on it. cell phone jammer

The shopkeeper then demonstrated and saw that she screwed the three short black rods into the antenna interface one by one, and then pressed the switch, and a green indicator light at the top turned on. The shopkeeper asked the reporter to take out his cell phone. The reporter saw that the cell phone signal was gone, and the reporter couldn't make a call no matter how he dialed. "It can't be too far away from the machine, otherwise it will be useless." The owner reminded that the shielding range of this Cell Phone And Wifi Jammer Canada machine is no more than 10 meters. The principle of those large machines is the same, but the Power is relatively high, and the mobile phone jammer with Power can be used. Shield signals within a kilometer. The reporter noticed that there is no manufacturer and certificate of conformity on the package of the mobile phone signal jammer. "These are all secretly produced, how can there be manufacturers?" The owner explained that her goods are imported from Guangdong, and the quality must be no problem. The reporter then investigated from other electronic stores such as Liaoning Road and Weihai Road and found that it is not difficult to buy mobile phone signal jammers, and the price ranges from a few hundred yuan to thousands of yuan.