Cell Phone Jammer Using Ic 555

Today, the reporter went to the invigilator room of Wuhan No. 6 Middle School and saw a white rectangular box on the table. "This is Cell Phone Jammer Using Ic 555, all purchased by the education department at a price of nearly 1,000 yuan each." An invigilator said that this is the latest mobile jammer that was updated this year. From their experiments, this mobile phone jammer instrument can effectively shield all types of mobile phones, especially 4G signal mobile phones and walkie-talkies, wireless network cards, etc. cell phone jammer

This year's college entrance examination, all test centers will be equipped with Cell Phone Jammer Using Ic 555, and there will be one in each test room, and some even have toilets and rest rooms. Feng Nong, director of the Wuhan Municipal Admissions Office, revealed that according to regulations, the installation height of mobile phone jammers is 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters, therefore, mobile phone jammers will be hung on the blackboard side of the podium during the college entrance examination. "This year's college entrance examination, English listening will be broadcast on the campus radio network. Will cellphone jammers be used for group fights to interfere with English listening broadcasts?" This has become a concern for parents. According to the Wuhan Municipal Admissions Office, after the English listening test is over, the mobile jammer can be switched on and work normally; after the test, the mobile jammer can be turned off only after all candidates in the examination room have left the exam room.