Cell Phone And Wifi Signal Blocker

Exams are indispensable in life. Even if you pass the college entrance examination, as long as you want to improve, you can take other exams, so that you can improve yourself. Now for the fairness of the exam, Cell Phone And Wifi Signal Blocker is also necessary, but the choice of signal jammers is also very important. A good mobile phone signal jammer can make the exam more fair. Today's society is developing faster and faster, the most obvious is the progress of science and technology. It is inevitable that the 4G era will replace the past 3G and 2G. Now 4G is not hot, and 5G is emerging again. However, 4G signals still exist as the mainstream. It is necessary for the mobile phone signal jammer to block the 4G signal in the examination room, which is a very critical function. In fact, many of the new test room cell phone jammer have been upgraded, and shielding 4G signals is almost standard. However, there are still some cheaper test room cell phone signal jammers that can only block 2G or 3G signals.

People who don't know this industry are likely to be fooled very easily. The test room signal jammer that shields the 4G signal must have at least eight antennas. At present, the eight-wire mobile phone signal jammers are divided into two types, one is an external antenna, and the other is an internal antenna. The two are well differentiated. The one with antennas is similar to the router, but it has more antennas than the router. As for the built-in, it is the size of a set-top box. Just plug it in directly. Most 8-wire Cell Phone And Wifi Signal Blocker can shield many types of signals. Some can even block 5G signals. The 4G era will come to an end one day, but we have always been at the forefront of technology. In order to help the majority of users solve the problem, the new signal jammer has built-in space for shielding 5G signals in advance. In this way, even if the 4G era is over, there is no need to replace the hardware facilities. Therefore, in this way, the cost can be greatly saved for the user.