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Originally located in a prosperous area, there are many commercial and residential buildings, but the Sunshine Community has recently become the gate of the Cell Phone Blcoker App For Windows community, and the signal on the reporter's hand is flashing. Unicom phone card is better. The SIM card will occasionally lose signal for a long time. All morning, the owner of the fruit and vegetable store at the gate of the community was very busy. This is illustrated by his collection of less than 200 yuan on WeChat. "Usually WeChat charges nearly 1,000 yuan in the morning, just because the signal is not good, many customers can't scan their mobile phones, I didn't bring cash, and I didn't buy anything in the end." The other party said that this situation has been going on for several days. Next to it, Hongqi supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. encountered the same situation without exception. A customer found that he could not scan the QR code to pay, so I took out the mobile phone, and the mobile phone signal was very weak, "Sometimes the mobile phone can't get through. "The reporter walked into the supermarket, and the mobile phone signal disappeared. The reporter asked the owners who entered and exited the community one by one, and most of them reported that the mobile phone signal in the community was always bad. What's the situation?

Cell Phone Blcoker App For Windows

Students from the No. 1 Middle School in Doumen District, Zhuhai returned to school after the National Day and found that the school had installed Cell Phone Blcoker App For Windows in the dormitory area. The school said the move was aimed at prohibiting students from using mobile phones on campus to limit students' hard work. But the school's approach has also caused controversy. At present, the school has installed landlines in each dormitory, and students can use landlines by swiping cards. Some netizens believe that schools are places for learning, and it is understandable that schools prohibit the use of mobile phones. If students are addicted to playing with their phones, it can lead to unconscious learning. Some netizens believe that the idea of ​​ cell phone jammer blocking mobile phone signals and prohibiting the use of mobile phones is good, but it is obviously difficult to achieve a peaceful learning environment in this way. Some netizens joked that perhaps students will develop an "anti-signal jammer" through their own ingenuity, and they will be able to apply for a patent at that time.