Cell Phone Blocker Electronic Kits

Hollywood movie blogger Alex Billington was one of many who rejoiced at AMC's swift retreat. "Texting in theaters completely ruined the movie," he said. "This is something we have to fight on a social and cultural level." In 2014, two men were shot and killed in an altercation over texting at a Florida movie theater. While Cell Phone Blocker Electronic Kits is an extreme case, most people would agree that glowing phone screens and finger taps can be annoying. Phone calls aren't just a hassle in the movie theater. When Benedict Cumberbatch played Hamlet in the Barbican, he finally added a monologue lamenting the tragedy of cellphone cameras and urging his fans to put their phones down. Some performers take the issue of using cell phone jammer disruptive technology entirely into their own hands.

MSN chat tool is a commonly used chat tool for many white-collar workers. It used to be one of the most convenient and efficient ways to communicate with colleagues and colleagues in the fund and securities industries. However, since the rat warehouse incident, the fund industry has regarded "MSN" as a "hot potato". The reporter recently interviewed and learned that many fund companies have already banned investment and research personnel from using MSN. Since April 2009, when the China Securities Regulatory Commission implemented the newly revised "Guiding Opinions on the Management of Investment Managers of Fund Management Companies", Cell Phone Blocker Electronic Kits monitoring MSN chat has become an iron law for companies, but the fund industry has not banned MSN. However, according to people familiar with the matter, "in the rat warehouse cases investigated and dealt with in the past, using MSN chat during trading hours is one of the main ways for fund managers and stakeholders to exchange stock trading information." Therefore, many funds in Shanghai The company is already in there. Investors and researchers are strictly prohibited from using MSN.