Cell Phone Blocker Encyclopedia

3. Solve the problem of poor signal in large factories and villas. Street signal is good outside, but basically no signal indoors. The reason for the poor signal is that the reinforced concrete in the villa and factory room is difficult to be blocked by the mobile phone signal of about 900Mhz. .At this time, as long as the outdoor antenna of Cell Phone Blocker Encyclopedia is installed outdoors with better signal, the signal can be received normally. 4. Solve the problem of high-level signal difference. The upper layer can receive the signals of several nearby base stations, but because there is no obstruction, the signal strength is similar, so the mobile phone will frequently switch between several base stations, and the signal will be unstable. State of health. At this time, the outdoor antenna of cell phone jammer should be installed at a low level with stable signal, so that the mobile phone can receive a strong signal and avoid frequent switching of base stations.

For the office, convenient use of computers will weaken the function of mobile phones, and frequent use of mobile phones will also distract some people and reduce work efficiency. Therefore, many companies prohibit the use of mobile phones during working hours. regulations. Especially in government agencies, once the staff of the agency accidentally disclose the work content, it is easy to be stolen by criminals. This is a very dangerous thing for institutions and institutions. In order to prevent such incidents from happening, each institution will be equipped with Cell Phone Blocker Encyclopedia , or mobile phone signal shielding cabinets, to avoid leakage.