Cell Phone Blocker Pcb Board

Professor Wu Fan, Department of Social Work, Zhou Enlai School of Government and Management, Nankai University, said that this should be the school's helpless move. The order of this regular social activity has been influenced by low-haired WeChat and Weibo. Professor Wu said that in the classroom, teachers and students must reach a consensus and not disrupt the normal teaching order of the classroom. Obviously, students are playing in the classroom. Mobile phones are illegal. Professor Wu admitted that it is a common phenomenon that the classroom order in colleges and universities is difficult to guarantee. At present, major colleges and universities do not have good management measures. Although the school can achieve management goals in the short term, in the long-term development, the school should start from the aspects of cultivating students' self-control, increasing the campus cultural atmosphere, and improving the quality of teaching. Cell Phone Blocker Pcb Board Is the best tool to block electronics.

Wi-Fi interference "forces your phone to be in the same state as the service stopped", so you won't be able to use anything that uses radio waves, such as phone calls, email, and data packet communications, as if you stopped using it Serve. I want to do something to people with bad phone etiquette in public facilities, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. If they can emit radio waves of the frequency used by mobile phones, cell phone jammer will interfere with mobile phone communication, so of course, it can prevent all mobile phones in the lobby from ringing (but mobile phones do not need to be used). communication). Calling the police is unavoidable. The operation is simple, the antenna is installed correctly and it can work automatically when it is powered on. For equipment that has been shut down, a slow-start circuit design is most effective in preventing Cell Phone Blocker Pcb Board equipment from catching fire when starting. Imported high-performance integrated circuits and chip components are used. We can manufacture reflow processing, assembly line production, high quality and stable products. Since each channel is subdivided, only the downstream frequencies are blocked. It does not interfere with wireless communication.