Cell Phone Blocker Pcb Layout

This has led to the blind development and disorderly competition of the intermediary industry. In the intermediary industry, it is commonplace to entrust multiple intermediaries to sell a house for a house, and to entrust multiple intermediaries to find a house for a client. Due to the leakage of the owner's information, many owners who plan to sell their houses will receive calls from several intermediary salesmen to "harass" every day, "Has your house been sold? Are you still buying it?" In addition to peer competition, real estate agency competition is also fierce fierce. In most real estate agencies, companies encourage competition among employees, but due to the lack of standardized management, the competition is somewhat disorderly. At present, the year-end commissions for the heads or store managers of real estate agencies are linked to their performance. Therefore, the person in charge or store manager of these areas Cell Phone Blocker Pcb Layout almost "everything" has to race against time. In this case, the phenomenon of order grabbing between departments and private slander by employees often occur. Real estate agents encourage or allow employees to "snatch orders", and the most direct consequence is to push up housing prices. The sales staff of some intermediary companies are still "snatching orders" after knowing that the property has buyers. As long as no sales contracts are signed, they use "sell at a premium" as a bait to get sellers to sign real estate sales contracts with other customers, thereby driving up prices.

Before leaving the house, he glanced back at the phone left on the table. In fact, even if he is not at home, the mobile phone is useless to him: he must not turn it on during the test. There is an electronic device called " Cell Phone Blocker Pcb Layout " on the site to monitor the test room. Any time: as long as there is a mobile phone within a certain range, the signal receiving device will send out noise or vibration. Zhang Hao didn't know. According to the original intention of the Ministry of Education, the equipment responsible for monitoring the college entrance examination room should be an instrument called " cell phone jammer ". In the last month of preparing for the exam,