Cell Phone Blocker Signal Blocker Device Prevents The Reception Of Base Station Signals

Although a mobile phone is a wireless communication device, it can be used everywhere, but there are also invisible wires dragging it, that is, the mobile phone base station. Whether making or receiving a call, the first step is to establish contact with a nearby cell phone base station. If you hold a mobile phone in each of your left and right hands, and use the left-hand mobile phone to dial the right-hand mobile phone, the electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone are not directly from the left-hand to the right-hand, but from the left-hand mobile phone to a distance of several hundred meters. The cell phone base station, and then send back to the right hand cell phone in a large circle (except for the bluetooth function). Under normal circumstances, the base station brother and the mobile phone brother are chatting in full swing. The radio wave signals sent by both sides come and go, but when the Cell Phone Blocker Signal Blocker Device is turned on, they "beat gongs and drums" around the phone, with much higher signal power than the received base station signal. Double the "noise" radio wave signal, the mobile phone can't hear what the base station is saying, can't receive the signal from the base station normally, and the connection between the two is cut off.

Cell Phone Blocker Signal Blocker Device

The rapid development of smartphone networks has a greater impact on the speed of the development trend. Cell phones can handle network problems. Mobile phones have a more important impact on our daily life, mobile communication technology and mobile Internet. It is also because of this that there are many problems, especially on the Internet, children are addicted to Internet technology, mainly because of the Internet. However, many are slowly installing Cell Phone Blocker Signal Blocker Device mechanical devices to shield the network and facilitate the manipulation of the baby's time. Although the Internet is convenient for everyone to browse Internet technology, the problems brought by it cannot be ignored. It's not just a matter of surfing the web, it's also a matter of internet security. In order to better maintain a well-maintained network space, many regions have gradually installed such desktops cell phone jammer .