Cell Phone Blocker Under 100 Prevents Secret Communication Between Prisoners

Prisons are places of crime, possibly involving terrorists. Because it is strictly forbidden for them to communicate with the outside world, and they are not allowed to use electronic products such as mobile phones to communicate with the outside world, so as not to threaten the security of the prison. Using Cell Phone Blocker Under 100 in jails prevents this from happening. To better avoid secret communication between prisoners and traffic, cell phone jammers will assist. The people's court is an area that safeguards the interests of the people, ensures the smooth progress of the entire trial process, and is not damaged by external forces. People's courts are solemn areas and should not be disturbed by phone calls. Therefore, cell phone jammers should be used in court to ensure authority. Imagine if you were going to a concert arts center and you liked ringing the bell next to you all the time or shouting out personal behavior that would make you mad, I think so. That's why the Art Center is equipped with cell phone jammer . On the one hand, it can prevent mobile phone ringtones from affecting the song performers, and on the other hand, it can ensure that the audience has a stronger feeling. If you're enjoying a great concert or a good movie, there's a ringing theater nearby and everyone is pissed. If you think it shouldn't spawn in that area, you can use a cell phone jammer.

Cell Phone Blocker Under 100

Since the advent of 3G mobile phones, the Cell Phone Blocker Under 100 equipment we were originally equipped with has partially failed, which is another challenge for us. "Song Chengxiang, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Education, said at the meeting of the provincial general college entrance examination management and unified examination inspection team leaders. In order to prevent candidates from cheating through mobile phones, all college entrance examination venues in our city are equipped with mobile phone signal jammer equipment. Why is a good one? The shielding device will fail? The reporter interviewed the communication operator and learned that the common mobile phone jammers on the market have working frequencies of 869-894mhz; 825-960mhz; In this frequency band, the mobile 2010mhz-2025mhz, China Telecom 2110mhz-2125mhz, and China Unicom 2130mhz-2145mhz frequency bands cannot be used. Song Chengxiang said that the technical means in the monitoring process are only auxiliary equipment, and the most important thing is civilian use. Their defense. There are two invigilators in one examination room. It can play a role in maintaining the normal examination order. The reporter learned that this year the city has increased the number of invigilators, and more than 4,200 people have participated in the invigilation work. , It is equivalent to one invigilator staring at 10 people.