Cell Phone Data Jammer

5G network layout and construction are being intensively carried out, and related applications are becoming more and more extensive. Cell Phone Data Jammer It will seriously affect the user experience. China Mobile Hubei Company recently assisted the Hubei Provincial Radio Management Committee to quickly eliminate a 5G signal interference incident. 17 mobile phone signal jammers were removed on site, including 2 5G mobile phone signal jammers. In early February this year, Hubei Mobile received many complaints from users near Jiaosha Road, Jianshe Township, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, and the complaints reflected that the surrounding mobile signals were not good. The mobile network maintenance personnel went to the site of the complaint area to conduct a carpet sweeping investigation, and found out that the signal of the mobile base station near Jianshe Township was seriously interfered with, and finally determined that the source of the interference was the cell phone jammer equipment in a nearby abandoned factory.

With the assistance of Wuhan police, Hubei Mobile dismantled all mobile communications Cell Phone Data Jammer . Through background monitoring, all signal base stations in the area have been restored, the mobile base station signal is normal and the network condition is good. The relevant person in charge of Hubei Mobile Network Optimization Center introduced: "We have summarized the types of 2G, 3G, and 4G interference in recent years, and analyzed the causes to provide data support for 5G interference management; we have summarized the 'six-step method' for rapid interference positioning. , through regional joint analysis, quickly locate the interference source area, and complete the rapid investigation work for the easy-to-install sites in the area." According to statistics, Hubei Mobile quickly investigated and solved 1,300 base station interference incidents in 2020. In response to the difficulty of investigation, Hubei Mobile assisted local public security departments and radio committees to carry out extensive crackdowns on "privately installed jammers". Throughout the year, it assisted relevant departments in solving 135 cases, dismantling and sealing up more than 260 sets of "mobile phone jammer" equipment, including More than 100 sets of 5G "mobile phone signal jammer" equipment.