G5 Cell Phone Jammer

Sitting in the park to rest and amusing the children, the square dance aunts around Leng Ding turned on the high-decibel sound, which made people cover their ears and quickly "escape". In order to counteract the high-decibel loudspeaker of square dance, a new product called " G5 Cell Phone Jammer " has been popular on the Internet recently. The reporter found that this "artifact" interferes with the sound through cell phone jammer , and can even directly pause the playback device. After repeated persuasion to no avail, square dancing still disturbs people. There is a 1-year-old grandson at home in Jianye District, Nanjing. There is a public activity area in front of the building where he lives. Every night, it becomes a small stage for square dancing. "There's nothing wrong with dancing the square dance, but it's not right for the noise to be so loud that it disturbs the people." Because the sound of the square dance was too loud, the little grandson was woken up at night, so Mr. Zhu went downstairs many times to "negotiate", "After speaking, his voice will decrease. But it was still so big the next day, and it was useless to say it." "When I got home from get off work, I just wanted to lie down quietly. But every night after 6 o'clock, the square dance started downstairs, and the music was played." "Earth-shattering", sometimes it doesn't end until after ten o'clock." Speaking of the square dancing in the community, Mr. Ji, a post-90s living on the 6th floor, was very speechless, but there was nothing he could do.

Smart audio can be "muted" by the artifact " G5 Cell Phone Jammer " is an outdoor audio signal jammer in the shape of a flashlight. Press the button on the audio panel to pause the audio and music playback. After the reporter opened an online shopping platform to search for "anti-square dance", outdoor audio jammers appeared immediately, and propaganda slogans such as "catch all kinds of audio in one go", "square dance nemesis", "professional anti-noise, return to you quiet" also rushed to the face. The small and portable "mobile phone jammer" weighs only 128g, has a built-in lithium battery and a smart chip, and has a switch at the tail. A store told reporters that the principle of the "anti-square dance artifact" is infrared intelligent decoding, and the built-in intelligent chip is used to interfere with the sound. Therefore, this means that the "anti-square dance artifact" can only interfere with smart audio, such as audio with remote control, Bluetooth audio, card audio, U disk audio, etc. And indoor speakers, desktop audio, indoor KTV, tweeters, radios, etc. cannot be interfered. "Mobile phone signal jammer" is also required to be used. "Be sure to face the control panel of the audio, because there is a receiver on the control panel. We transmit signals through the artifact, and the audio can receive the signal to be interfered. Therefore, the audio without the receiver cannot be interfered." The store told reporters that the artifact You need to go to the site to operate, and those who can't go to the site are not recommended to start. The unit price of such a "mobile phone signal jammer" is 150-400 yuan, and there are many online stores. On a combined shopping platform, the highest sales volume exceeded 100,000 pieces.