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Recently, the news that the radiation generated by "Cell Phone Jammer Amazon.Ca" will harm the human body has become a hot topic of discussion in the streets and alleys, and has aroused all kinds of worries among schools, parents, and students. Some local education departments and schools cancelled plans to install such equipment in examination rooms. However, the controversy caused by mobile phone jammers is far from over: Will installing it in public places such as conference rooms, theaters, restaurants, auditoriums or cinemas infringe people's right to freedom of communication? How much is its radiation hazard? cell phone jammer Under what organization should the production and use of this instrument be carried out? What kind of market conflict of interest lurks behind the "mobile phone jammer hazard theory"? Due to concerns that the strong electromagnetic interference signals generated by mobile phone jammers will cause greater harm to the human body, some agents have begun to request manufacturers to "withdraw orders". Yesterday, Wang Junzhuo, general manager of Beijing Huachen Binpeng Technology and Trade Co., Ltd. told reporters that under the influence of public opinion and intensified competition in the industry, the market performance of mobile jammers this year is not as good as last year.

An agent just returned an order for Cell Phone Jammer Amazon.Ca with him. He told reporters annoyedly: "These remarks (the theory of cell phone jammer hazards) have caused a bad influence on the agents, causing them to have unstable emotions." The other companies interviewed by the reporter are located in Nanjing, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places. Of manufacturers, distributors and agents are also facing bad experiences. Initially, mobile phone jammers belonged to a kind of special equipment, suitable for special departments and special places. In recent years, mobile phone signal jammers have begun to be produced for civilian use. They have been used by some schools as a means to prevent cheating, or they have been installed in public places such as petrol stations, conference rooms, theaters, and hospitals. However, with the popularization of mobile phone jammers in the civilian market, related controversies have also begun to sprout and intensified, even directly endangering the survival of the "production and sales chain" of mobile phone signal jammers.