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At about 10 a.m. on October 4th, citizens went to Chengyang North Bus Station to pick up Qing's younger brother, but found that his mobile phone could not be called. Mr. Chen is far from alone in this situation. Ms. Zhou from Weifang is also looking for someone to pick up the station at Chengyang North Bus Station, but because she can't make calls from her mobile phone, she still can't wait for nearly half an hour, and she has never been contacted. The person who picked up the station, at first she thought it was the problem with her mobile phone, but when she borrowed the mobile phone from the surrounding people to use it, she found that all the mobile phones around had no signal. There may be Cell Phone Jammer Canada For Sale , cell phone jammer around it, and it blocks all mobile phone signals around.

Just when everyone didn't know the truth, they encountered the police patrolling around Chengyang North Bus Station, the community policeman Lv Yihu of Liuting Police Station. His first reaction was: "Is there a problem with the communication company?" But after thinking about it carefully, it felt impossible, because the signal was fine just now, could it be that the mobile phone signal was blocked by some interference? After thinking of this, Officer Lu led the patrol team to patrol the surrounding area, and found a suspicious black car 200 meters south of the station police office. The sedan was locked, with a loan advertisement written on the rear window glass, and a look through the window glass revealed a laptop and a strange antenna device in the back seat of the car. "This is Cell Phone Jammer Canada For Sale ?" Officer Lu thought to himself. After discovering this situation, the black sedan became the object of his suspicion.