Making Your Own Cell Phone Jammer

For example, in order to prevent drivers from playing with their mobile phones while driving, Nissan once designed a special armrest box. The reason why it is special is that there is a Making Your Own Cell Phone Jammer device inside the armrest box. As long as the driver puts the mobile phone into the armrest box, all signals will be blocked, so as to achieve the purpose of allowing the driver to concentrate on driving. But if you think about it carefully, this is completely a tasteless configuration. First of all, people who love to play with mobile phones while driving are generally not aware of the danger of playing with mobile phones while driving. They will not be because of the existence of this armrest box. Just stop playing with mobile phones; secondly, people with good driving habits don't use mobile phones when driving cars, so they don't need to use this armrest box to help them eliminate the habit of playing mobile phones. cell phone jammer People who need it will not use it, and people who don’t need it will not use it. What else can it be if it’s not a chicken rib?

Finally, let's talk about a strange configuration, but I don't think it's useless. When consumers buy Volvo brand cars, they can choose a vehicle alcohol lock kit, which is a remote control-sized alcohol detection device designed under the center console. A device blows air, if the system detects that the alcohol content in the driver's body reaches 0.2g/L, it will lock the engine through the electronic control system, thereby avoiding the occurrence of drunk driving. This configuration is similar to the Making Your Own Cell Phone Jammer shielded signal armrest box mentioned above, that is, those who do not know enough about the dangers of drunk driving may not choose this configuration, and those who choose this configuration are less likely to drink and drive. . However, it should be noted that drunk driving often occurs after the driver has a bad idea after drinking, and it is not "premeditated for a long time", and the alcohol lock kit can effectively curb the drinking behavior of the drinker in this case, guaranteeing to a certain extent Driving safety.