Cell Phone Jammer Kali Linux

The mobile phone jammer in our school, I put my phone on the side of Cell Phone Jammer Kali Linux , and it can’t block Unicom 3g. Other mobile numbers are blocked. I heard that there is no telecommunications. A better mobile phone jammer should be shielded in full screen. Well, the school just used it as a way of doing it. The standard configuration of mobile phone signal jammers on the market can shield all 2G/3G/4G mobile phone signals and 2.4G WIFI signals, so 4G can definitely be shielded. Unless there are 4G signal amplifiers of the three major operators in the place of use, the 4G signal in the environment is particularly strong, and the power of the mobile phone jammer is relatively small and cannot be suppressed. At this time, 4G shielding is not good or unshielded. Condition. cell phone jammer

Due to the different power and channel numbers of the signal towers of China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Netcom, and the different distances between the signal towers and the prison, the size of other nearby buildings, topography, and landforms are different, resulting in different signals in the prison area. Because the scale, building structure, local cell phone tower direction, power, terrain and other factors are different for each prison, the cell phone signal strength, number of channels, and frequency bands are different in each area of ​​the prison. In addition, radio waves are invisible and intangible, and are affected by various factors during their transmission. Due to the different characteristics of the actual use environment, the direction, power size, distance and distance of each signal tower, there may be dozens of channels in the same environment for the user's mobile phone to automatically select the different characteristics, and there are differences in the field strength of the indoor and outdoor spaces, the ground and the metal The item has a very complicated adverse effect on the signal of Cell Phone Jammer Kali Linux .