How To Detect A Cell Phone Jammer

5G mobile phones are becoming more and more popular. Today, in 2021, people will already consider switching to 5G new models when they switch to new phones. According to statistics, in the first two months of 2021, the total domestic mobile phone market shipments totaled 61.879 million units, of which 42.349 million 5G mobile phones were shipped, accounting for 68.4%. In other words, nearly 70% of consumers have switched to 5G mobile phones when they buy mobile phones. In order to ensure the fairness and justice of the examination, my country requires that some major examinations such as the middle school entrance examination, college entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, 4-6 English test, etc. must be set up in the examination room How To Detect A Cell Phone Jammer equipment to prevent possible electronic cheating. Currently, 4G test room mobile phone jammers are commonly used, which may shield 2G, 3G, 4G and 2.4G WiFi wireless signals. cell phone jammer

Nowadays, with the popularization of 5G mobile phones, examination room equipment must also keep pace with the times. There are now a variety of 5G How To Detect A Cell Phone Jammer with built-in and external antennas on the market, which can fully meet the needs of various universities, middle schools and schools. Shenzhen 5G signal jammer is mainly aimed at the current situation of domestic college entrance examinations, adult college entrance examinations, self-study exams and various colleges and universities. During the examination process, some criminals use mobile phones to cheat. At the same time, it also combines various intermediate and senior middle school students using mobile phones during class time. The current situation of random texting, and the troubles and noises caused by mobile phones in various large, medium and small meeting rooms of government agencies and enterprises, concert halls, theaters and other serious places. High-tech products carefully developed according to the actual situation of domestic mobile communication .