Cheap Hand Held Cell Phone Jammer

Students addicted to mobile phones are a headache for parents and schools alike. The school thought of a "new solution": install Cheap Hand Held Cell Phone Jammer on the campus and turn it on regularly every night to prevent students from playing mobile phones at night. However, in the past two days, there have been voices on the Internet. Some residents said that when they use their mobile phones at home, the signal is not stable, which is suspected to be related to the school's mobile phone signal jammer. The school has worked hard to block cell phone signals to allow students to study at ease, rest, and stop playing games. Now, mobile phones and games have almost become the most serious challenges in education. Some time ago, a middle school teacher in Hangzhou once wrote an article criticizing a mobile phone game that was recently hit. The article stated that the game has gradually turned mobile phones into "black Internet cafes." His students also said painfully, "Teacher, I can't control myself!". In order to pull students out of the quagmire, it is necessary to adopt some unconventional management methods such as banning mobile phone and banning playing games for the students' benefit. Schools need to make a difference in this matter. It is definitely much more effective to block mobile phone signals and draw salary from the bottom of the kettle than to appeal, teacher rounds, and formulate strict management measures. cell phone jammer

However, to have a good original intention, you must use the right method. The working principle of Cheap Hand Held Cell Phone Jammer is very simple. It uses the transmitted frequency to affect the frequency of the mobile phone signal. To put it plainly, it is like "loudly overwhelmingly quiet" when speaking. The management department also said: "Mobile jammers are a type of radio station. Except for mobile communication terminals and home WIFI transmitters, which have a small impact, they do not need to be approved. All other radio stations involve the use of frequencies. All are subject to examination and approval.” It can be seen that the issues involved are not simple. It does not mean that it can be installed by pretending, nor is it okay for anyone who wants to pretend to be installed.