Cell Phone Jammer Stainless Steel

If you dial the phone from the unshielded area to the shielded area, you will often walk into the shielded area for a considerable distance before the phone is completely shielded. This is because once the phone is dialed, the phone itself has the ability to resist interference. This kind of anti-interference will make the mobile phone adjust its transmitting power to ensure the normal call this time. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to perform dynamic testing in the call state, but to perform static testing at various points. After testing multiple frequency bands, select a frequency band with a short shielding radius as the effective shielding radius of Cell Phone Jammer Stainless Steel in this area. This can be used to estimate the location when deploying large-area honeycomb dots. cell phone jammer

The development of modern communication technology by leaps and bounds requires technological security companies to keep pace with the times and continuously develop and strengthen their own strength to meet multiple challenges. The widespread popularity of mobile phones has brought convenience to people, and at the same time has brought up new issues for communication security and confidentiality. Eavesdropping, leaks, cheating in examination rooms, medical accidents, and gas station explosions have emerged one after another, accelerating the promotion of Cell Phone Jammer Stainless Steel ​And use. It is mainly used in examination rooms, prisons, gas stations, mobile phone bomb prevention, oil depots, liquefied gas stations, detention centers, interrogation rooms, courts, labor reform teams, conference rooms, theaters, churches, libraries, school dormitories, special security and confidential occasions (Confidential offices, negotiation rooms, mobile vehicles, mobile politicians and business dignitaries guarding) scenes, etc., and the status of mobile phone signal jammers in social life is becoming more and more important. In the cellular mobile communication system, the coverage area of ​​the system is divided into several cellular areas. The base station of each cellular area is equipped with a low-power transmitter, and the transmitted signal is only received by the mobile phone within the limited range of the cellular. The transmitted signal is interfered by a certain intensity of electromagnetic waves of the same frequency, so the communication cannot be carried out normally. The mobile phone and the base station must first establish a normal dialogue,