Cyclops Sirius Cell Phone Jammer

News from IT House, June 21. What impression do you guys have about the anti-cheating secrecy measures during the college entrance examination? Cyclops Sirius Cell Phone Jammer, metal detector? In one place, a more Powerful signal shielding method was adopted for the college entrance examination, and its scope even covers the entire country. According to BBC reports, June 20-25 is the time for the high school graduation exam in Algeria. During this time, every time the exam begins, the nationwide social network will be interrupted for an hour to prevent the exam questions from leaking. The cause of this move can be traced back to 2016. There was an extremely serious phenomenon of cheating in the "College Entrance Examination" that year, and the test questions of the examination were leaked on the Internet and spread wildly. cell phone jammer

Last year, the Algerian authorities asked ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to interrupt social networks, but conscious measures alone were not enough to ensure the execution of this measure. A security official said that this year "Internet censorship will be better coordinated and more effective than ever before." Education Minister Nouria Benghabrit said in an interview with Algerian media that this decision is indeed "uncomfortable", but they "should not passively stand in front of such possible leaks." In addition to disconnecting the Internet, approximately 2,000 test centers across the country are also equipped with metal detectors, and surveillance cameras and Cyclops Sirius Cell Phone Jammer are installed. It is estimated that more than 700,000 students took the exam, and the results will be announced on July 22.