Cell Phone Jammer Using Ne555 Timer

In an electronic market on Zhongshan Road, Urumqi, a metal box with three antennas placed in a vendor's counter attracted the attention of reporters. This metal box is "Cell Phone Jammer Using Ne555 Timer ". The vendor told reporters that this instrument is 260 yuan, and that he really wants to buy the price can be negotiated. Afterwards, he took out the instrument from the counter, and the reporter found that the instrument had no text mark. "Where is this produced? Why is it not a single word, wouldn't it be a ‘three no’ product?" the reporter asked. "There is no quality problem. I have the manual." The vendor said, but he didn't show the manual to the reporter. He told reporters that the coverage of this instrument is 7 to 8 meters. After turning on the instrument, the cell phone signal within the coverage will quickly disappear. The reporter proposed to experiment first, and the vendor readily agreed. cell phone jammer

Afterwards, the reporter took out his mobile phone and put it on the counter and pressed the button on the instrument. Sure enough, after a while, the reporter's cell phone signal was lost and he could no longer make calls. The vendor proudly told reporters that he also has a more Powerful "Cell Phone Jammer Using Ne555 Timer" that can interfere with the GPS satellite positioning system on the car. "When the instrument is turned on, the GPS satellite positioning on the car fails." He said that drivers of long-distance buses like to buy this product. The reporter saw that there is almost no difference in appearance between this instrument and the "mobile phone signal jammer" except for two antennas. At the counter of another vendor, the reporter found that there were three types of "cell phone jammers" of different sizes on sale. The vendor told reporters that the prices of these three instruments are all over 200 yuan, but the scope of coverage is different. The reporter noticed that these three instruments also did not have any text logos. When the reporter asked the vendor of the manufacturer of these products, he replied: "I don't know." During the investigation, the reporter also found a more Powerful "mobile phone jammer" with a coverage range of hundreds of meters away. According to the vendor who sold the device, the price of the device is 900 yuan, and the vendor can provide one-month after-sales service, and there is also no text mark on the device.