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Purge meeting style and meeting rules has always been one of the important propositions in various regions. Recently, Heilongjiang revealed that the use of Cell Phone Signal Jammer For Car in the venue has effectively controlled the phenomenon of playing mobile phones and other electronic devices in the venue. According to the website of Suifenhe City Government, Suifenhe City Practicing actions, making heavy blows, purge the meeting style and meeting discipline, and received good results: the meeting style and meeting discipline supervisors were used, the meeting’s "eight inaccuracies" content was focused, the entire city-wide and overall meeting was supervised, and all fronts were concentrated. Random inspections of the meeting. Set up the meeting style and disciplinary video inspection post supervisor to collect evidence and backup the situation of the meeting and the disciplinary situation during the meeting. Use mobile phone signal jammers at the venue to effectively control the phenomenon of electronic devices such as mobile phones in the venue. Innovative warning methods , Set up late seats at the conference venue, and participants who did not enter the venue at the specified time will be seated uniformly, so that non-punctual participants will "red face and sweat." At present, the local government has conducted video and telephone conferences on poverty alleviation work in the province, etc. 5 large-scale meetings conducted centralized supervision, investigated and dealt with 8 people who were late, 3 people were absent from the meeting, and 8 people were playing with mobile phones. At the same time, the main person in charge of the department of the person who violated the convention and discipline was interviewed by telephone. cell phone jammer

Across the country, there are many precedents of using mobile phone signal jammers in venues. For example, at the end of 2016, the "two sessions" of Liling City, Hunan Province set up Cell Phone Signal Jammer For Car in the venue to urge delegates and committee members to concentrate on their duties. However, the activation of mobile phone signal jammers is also controversial. In November 2017, a report mentioned that in the grassroots research, when it comes to meeting issues, in addition to complaining about "will be more", cadres will also complain about a problem: more and more meetings are becoming accustomed to being in the venue. Place signal jammers. "At the beginning of the meeting, it was discovered that the mobile phone signal was gone, and it was completely'disconnected'." "In the event of an emergency, I couldn't contact the responsible comrades of the relevant departments. It took several hours before I received feedback that I was in a meeting"... …Speaking of the problem of being "shielded" in meetings, the cadres couldn't close their chatterboxes after opening them. On the one hand, signal shielding involves too many meetings, too frequent, and there is no clear standard. "No matter what meeting it is, add a shielding instrument." "The first class follows the first class, and the shielding signal gradually becomes the new standard when the conference is held." On the other hand, there is a lack of timely reminders and notifications in advance. A cadre introduced, "When I was seated, I found that the signal was still full, and thought it would not be blocked. As a result, the meeting started and there was no signal in an instant." When I went out, I looked at my mobile phone outside the venue."