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The duplex filter is a necessary module for a high-quality Cell Phone Jammer Wiki (repeater). It is mainly located behind the outdoor antenna and indoor antenna of the amplifier, which means that the mobile phone signal must pass through when receiving or transmitting. Filters, so as to better isolate and filter out clutter signals. The filters of radio frequency equipment are generally composed of cavities, and the filtering performance is very important for the suppression of out-of-band, adjacent waveguide suppression, and spurious wave radiation. cell phone jammer A single radio frequency filter cannot guarantee the effect of the call. Using the intermediate frequency filtering method and the surface filtering method, and adding the corresponding circuit can effectively improve the stability of the filtering.

In the mobile phone signal jammer, the uplink and downlink signals must be amplified by a low-noise amplifier, which has a good weak signal amplifier capability. The Power amplifier is an important part of the mobile phone signal jammer. The main function of the Power amplifier is to remove the base station that needs to be forwarded. Normally, the civilian % Cell Phone Jammer Wiki This circuit can be removed. The monitoring unit is to timely prevent equipment problems and interfere with the mobile phone signal. The condition of the device is summarized to the network management center, and the monitoring unit can detect the working condition of the internal components of the mobile phone signal jammer, parameter changes and set the main parameters. The Power supply is the working energy of the mobile phone jammer. It can be Power ed by a battery to ensure the normal operation of the mobile phone signal jammer when the Power is off. Solar or wind Power can be used in relatively remote mountainous areas.