Cell phone jammers to block the use of cell phones

Now, as the police quoted the Secretary of State’s report as pointed out, “it must be taken into account that the directive considers a series of equipment exempt from its application, such as equipment specifically used for activities. Public security, national defense, national security, and National Activities". Nevertheless, buying a mobile jammer online is a very simple task, you only need money. In the first store we found through a very simple search, they even had a section that allegedly could answer questions about the legality of using cellphone jammers. Note that there is no wasted text:

It is completely legal to use these jammer devices to avoid illegal activities. In places where the use of telephone systems is restricted or not required, this type of equipment can be installed so that users of the space can know at any given time that their equipment (mobile phones, communication systems, …) will not be available during the event use. This is the case for college exams and tests, theaters (during performances), churches (common), auditoriums (during performances), city halls, government forces, or high-risk personnel.

In these types of incidents, mobile phones are not allowed because they interfere with communication and sound systems. In addition, especially in the case of exams, the use of electronic cheat sheets or earpieces has become widespread. Some students copy test content through electronic cheat sheets or earpieces, and receive information and answers through small communicators in their ears. To prevent any type of communication in the classroom, all students must be forced to turn off their phones, but students who are willing to copy can only use cell phone jammer to stop it. If the inhibitor's range of action is controlled, only appropriate areas will be covered.

We defend the right of anyone to isolate the area of ​​their property and avoid radio frequencies in their area when the signal others want to receive is not interfered. Therefore, if you decide not to provide mobile coverage, GPS, WiFi or any other type of service at home, why not install inhibitors? You can freely decide which waves will pass through your space, because everyone is free to decide which waves will pass through its properties. We understand inhibition as if it were background music in your home. This can be a reasonable volume, low enough so as not to disturb your neighbors. Our slogan is: "Where does the freedom of one person end, and where does the freedom of the other person begin".

Obviously, the aforementioned stores make a living selling cell phone jammers, but they obviously cover up the fact that the use of inhibitors is completely illegal, including the legitimate uses they mentioned. They defended the right to isolate private property from the waves, so it is impossible to control the effect of 100% inhibitor, so it may affect the required area. In addition, the law is very clear that its use, import and sale are all illegal.