Cell Phone Scramblers Not Jammer

The school installed mobile phone signal jammers, which caused great repercussions among the students in Dongguan. "Our school also has this practice. I only learned that it needs approval today. How can I complain?" Some students joked, "The school did not let us play. The mobile phone is really a heavy download, but now in the information age, a lot of information is obtained online, and students can’t just read the sage’s books, regardless of the things outside the window? Cell Phone Scramblers Not Jammer The mobile phone signal is blocked, and I can’t access the Internet. What should I do? What about modern people?" More students believe that the school’s strict management of student use of mobile phones should be, but the method is wrong: "How can one size fits all? It’s understandable to install in the classroom, but it’s a bit too much in the dormitory, and students have unexpected incidents. Should I contact the parents?" cell phone jammer

Teacher Li, deputy director of the Dongguan Middle School Office, said that the school allows students to use mobile phones, but it is forbidden to use them in the teaching area and dormitories after lunch breaks and night lights. “We also wanted to prohibit mobile phones before, but found that it can only become a false rule. Considering that students do need to contact their families and access information online, we adopt a flexible policy. But now it seems that students’ self-control ability is weak, and many children Secretly play with mobile phones after turning off the lights at night, so the school installs Cell Phone Scramblers Not Jammer in the dormitory to prevent students from using mobile phones during lunch breaks and after turning off the lights at night."