Cheap Hand Held Cell Phone Blocker Is Very Stable

DCS high-frequency signals are short-wave signals, which require high equipment conditions and process a large amount of information. Therefore, high frequency signals are relatively difficult to amplify. Generally, the power of Cheap Hand Held Cell Phone Blocker is lower than that of high frequency. The higher the frequency, the greater the impedance, so it is more difficult to amplify, but the high frequency signal has a clear voice and high stability. Generally, when we install cell phone jammer , we can only choose the mobile phone signal jammer of the main signal. The wrong device may have been selected. The signal sent is false, and it cannot be dialed when the signal is full.

Cheap Hand Held Cell Phone Blocker

We all know that there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Even if the children of the rich do not study well, they can find a decent job after graduation. But not for the poor. The children of the poor can only find a way out in the future by studying hard and getting into a good university. So here comes the problem, for the children of the poor and the rich, the only fairness lies in the college entrance examination. But money can grind ghosts, and children of rich people can buy answers in various ways (it is not ruled out that children of poor people will also cheat, but it will not be so easy due to economic constraints), which will change the originally fair college entrance examination to become difficult So fair. How to do it? Don't worry, the technology is advanced, Cheap Hand Held Cell Phone Blocker can block all cell phone signals.