Comments on cell phone jammer on the Internet

According to Tang Tai, the cell phone jammer produced in their laboratory are basically provided for use by special departments. However, contrary to Tangtai’s initial research and development concept, this equipment has begun to be welcomed by test management agencies in various places: after being installed in some test centers in Shandong, Heilongjiang, Liaoning and other provinces and cities last year, this year, Gansu, Jiangsu, Nanjing, etc. The provincial and municipal admissions offices also announced that "in order to prevent large-scale fraud in the examination room, we are going to install cell phone jammer in each examination center."

Not long ago, the Central University of Finance and Economics published an announcement on its website: In order to maintain normal teaching and academic activities, the school decided to install cell phone jammer in teaching buildings and other places. The discussion caused by the announcement has not ceased.

The founder opposes use in the examination room

However, compared with the situation where mobile jammers are spreading like a raging fire in various examination rooms, there is a voice that, although it seems a little weak, has never stopped - for several years, Tang Tai has written articles, left messages on BBS and other methods. Stand firmly against the use of such equipment in examination rooms and schools. "Because it does affect people's normal thinking!"

"In fact, most of the researchers in our laboratory will experience the same mild headache, irritability, and inability to concentrate under microwave radiation of this intensity for half an hour. Of course, the degree of reaction will be due to differences in personal physiques. It’s different.” Tang Tai told reporters, “I used to be in a test center in Henan and heard the staff report to the local admissions office that after turning on the mobile phone jammer, many students’ heads hurt. You said this Is it fair to students?"