The problem of cell phone jammer has been ignored

In addition to the possible harm to the human body, cell phone jammer also have a more serious problem that has been ignored. The insider revealed that the development, production and use of radio jamming equipment without going through legal procedures is clearly prohibited by Chinese law.

In an interview with reporters, Chen Yuping, director of the Communication Center of the Institute of Telecommunications Research of the Ministry of Information Industry, stated that in accordance with the "Management Regulations for the Production of Radio Transmission Equipment", companies that produce cell phone jammer must obtain model approval for their emission characteristics by the Office of the State Radio Regulatory Commission and issue For "Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate", other manufacturers submit applications and necessary materials to the Office of the Radio Management Committee of the province, autonomous region, or municipality directly under the Central Government, and submit their opinions to the Office of the State Radio Management Commission after receiving opinions from the Office of the Radio Management Commission of the province, autonomous region, or municipality directly under the Central Government. "Except for very special circumstances, no communication cell phone jammer are allowed to be installed and used. If it is a special situation, the unit or individual who wants to purchase and use cell phone jammer must submit a written application to the local radio management department. The installation can only be done after review and approval. use."

It is understood that at present, there are about 30 or 40 companies in my country engaged in the production of cell phone jammer. "However, most of the manufacturers are small township enterprises and have not obtained production licenses at all, and their products are not included in the product catalogs under the management of production licenses stipulated by the state, and most of them are sold through the Internet and other channels." Tai has carefully checked in many test centers around the country. Three-quarters of the cell phone jammer installed have no model and equipment manufacturer logo, and no radio transmission equipment model approval certificate; and purchasers and users (including examination management institutions) also Buy it and use it, I don't know if it needs to be approved.

The reporter checked the "Notice on Prohibition of Illegal Development, Production and Use of Radio Interference Equipment" issued by the Ministry of Information Industry in 2001. It says: "Some units have blocked the incoming and outgoing calls of mobile phones within a certain range by transmitting radio signals on the same frequency. This has seriously violated the legal freedom of communication of mobile phone users and must be stopped according to law... , The development, production and use of radio jamming equipment are illegal and must be stopped...Users who use cell phone jammer without authorization should be punished by law for setting up stations and interfering with radio services without authorization.” “So, if the examination management agency does not It is definitely illegal to go through any formalities and just use it." Chen Yuping said with certainty.

On May 18, the reporter called Mr. Li, the person in charge of the mobile phone shielding project of Central University of Finance and Economics. "We will decide whether or not to install a mobile phone jammer in half a month. It's still hard to tell." Unlike the original school's resolute installation in the announcement, Mr. Li's answer appeared very cautious. When the reporter asked him, as the person in charge of this project, whether he was clear about the approval procedures for installing radio transmission equipment, Mr. Li just said, "We will definitely understand and abide by relevant laws and regulations," without giving a direct answer. .