Cell Phone Jammer Harvard

In their law enforcement work, some companies or individuals did not cooperate with law enforcement. The main reason was that these companies and individuals purchased substandard mobile communications Cell Phone Jammer Harvard with low prices on the market. The cost of illegality is low, so they only consider themselves. Interests, not much is known about the hazards of interference with normal public communications. When the radio management department encounters non-cooperation with law enforcement, it can only patiently explain the national regulations. He said that in order to effectively curb the phenomenon of random sales and use of mobile phone jammers, the only way to manage them is from the source, with the cooperation of confidentiality, industry and commerce, quality supervision, and public security departments, and strict control over production and sales channels. At the same time, he advised citizens not to buy this kind of equipment, so as not to cause trouble to others' normal communication. cell phone jammer

Although mobile phone signal jammers have played a positive role in preventing cheating in large-scale exams such as college entrance examinations, the communication of surrounding residents due to their improper use has also been affected from time to time. Many citizens said that the abuse of this device has endangered citizens' freedom of communication, and even worried that it would become a "weapon" for criminals to commit crimes. Professionals said that if this Cell Phone Jammer Harvard is used by criminals, the consequences may be unimaginable: If it is a burglary, if the criminal carries this kind of mobile phone jammer and cuts off the fixed-line wire and then steals, even if the homeowner finds the thief, pass Calling the police can only be in vain. In addition, mobile phone signal jammers are likely to become "accomplices" in theft of high-end vehicles by criminals.