Disable Cell Phones Blocker

He wrote: My name is Dean Liptak and I am writing this letter to tell people why I use Disable Cell Phones Blocker in class. My purpose with this device is to allow students to focus on their studies and academics. This is because whenever I tell students not to use their phones in class and focus on their studies, it often backfires. It is futile to confiscate the phone and leave it in a specific place until the end of the course. This isn't the first time Liptak has had trouble at school. In 2013, he was reprimanded for setting up violence in school science experiments. Here are two of the problems: A northbound car hits a baby with 800 joules of kinetic energy at 100 meters per second. What is the mass of the car? A 50 kg student pushes a teacher against a wall with 500 joules of kinetic energy. , how fast are the students pushing the wall? Liptak was a professional wrestler in the 1990s. In interviews, Liptuck's students said he was "a bit over the top" and was "an extreme person".

Today, some netizens broke the news that "Disable Cell Phones Blocker is installed in the classrooms of the new teaching building of Chengdu University of Technology. It is really hard to prevent students from playing mobile phones in class." Is the school's move to block students' mobile phone signals? This afternoon, a reporter from Chengdu Quanxu News Network came to the new teaching building in the East District of Chengdu University of Technology to inquire. A reporter from Chengdu Quanxu News Network found in the school that in an empty classroom in the second teaching building of the school, there was an additional "black technology" instrument on the wall near the blackboard, and an automatic switch was hung on the instrument. This is what the netizens said cell phone jammer. In this empty classroom, the power cord is not connected to the signal jammer and the switch is not turned on. Therefore, the reporter's mobile phone signal is normal, and the network can be used normally.