Simple Diy Cell Phone Blocker

The reporter found that in the main propaganda slogan of Simple Diy Cell Phone Blocker , the manufacturer emphasized "do not affect the environment, do not harm the human body". Coincidentally, the main argument against the use of cell phone jammers is almost tit-for-tat "radiation from jammers is harmful to humans." Such a one-size-fits-all approach to judging the degree of harm of cell phone jammer makes ordinary mobile phone signal jammer manufacturers quite indignant. "Radiation and harm to the human body are two different things. How can we draw an equal sign?" Some manufacturers said, just like mobile phones, microwave ovens, and TV sets all have radiation, and some field strengths are quite large, but outside a certain range, certain For a period of time, this harm is negligible and will not cause irreparable harm to the human body. Therefore, these products will be widely used in society without being abandoned.

In fact, both detectors and mobile phone jammers currently face a technical threshold, that is, it is difficult to detect all wireless signals. For example, the detector is basically invalid for the signal of the Bluetooth headset. This has intensified the battle between the two parties in the market. As mobile phone applications become more and more common, the corresponding Simple Diy Cell Phone Blocker also appears from time to time, but do you know what industry mobile phone signal jammers are used for? Let's master it together with the mobile phone signal jammer manufacturer. Government agencies, enterprises, etc. also have requirements for mobile phone jammers. The frequency of reporting work by government agencies and enterprises can be said to be very high. In order to better allow participants to concentrate and promote the learning and training of the spirit of the conference, it is also necessary to beware of applications on mobile phones. When leading cadres report their work, turn on the cell phone signal jammer to block cell phone signals. The leading cadres spoke happily and listened carefully.