Electronic Kit Cell Phone Blocker

Wireless signal shielding is necessary in many places. A good system can shield the signal well, while a poor Electronic Kit Cell Phone Blocker may not be able to shield 2G and 3G signals, let alone 5G signals in the new era. We are committed to the research and development of signal jammers, which are reliable and trustworthy. Advanced interference technology: cell phone jammer can target and interfere with the frequency or channel that interferes with the target signal by generating a broad-band comb spectrum interference signal waveform at the baseband, and can continuously interfere with all target signals for a full period of time. Compared with the noise interference and frequency sweep interference commonly used by existing domestic interference equipment, the outstanding advantage is that there is no leakage interference phenomenon that is difficult to overcome by frequency sweep interference, and there is no problem of low interference efficiency that is difficult to solve by noise interference.

Portable application: In order to meet the needs of users, the host adopts an integrated design and adopts a multi-frequency segmented output method. The compact design of the chassis is easy to move, install and disassemble at any time. High-power interference technology, the maximum transmission power of each section of the system is 100W. Using digital frequency source synthesis technology, it has a variety of interference modes, which can attack no less than 50 frequency points at the same time. Remote networking can be achieved in various ways, including TCP\IP, as well as 3G, 4G (fixed IP), etc. The system can turn on and off the transmission regularly. The system can turn on the transmission signal according to the set timing, and can also turn off the transmission signal regularly. At the same time, the emission state can be recorded, including the emission frequency, power, modulation pattern, modulation bandwidth, modulation source, etc. The system has an intuitive comprehensive display function of common parameters, including suppression mode, modulation bandwidth, working frequency, transmit power, working status, etc. So Electronic Kit Cell Phone Blocker The system must be advanced and durable, so that it can not only be used for a long time, but also better shield the signal.