It Is Illegal To Use Cell Phone Jammers At Will

In order to prevent students from using mobile phones to cheat and play games in class, a middle school in Zhangping simply installed mobile jammers in every classroom. Mobile phone cheating is prevented, but the surrounding residents are annoyed: their mobile phone signals are all cut off. Currently, the Longyan Radio Administration Bureau has set up a station without authorization to investigate and deal with the middle school and confiscated 47 mobile cell phone jammer.

For a while, some residents who live in the downtown area of ​​Zhangping discovered that there was no mobile phone signal during the day, and the phone could not be connected until late at night, which surprised them and reported to Longyan Radio Administration. After receiving the complaint, the wireless department staff began to investigate and found that the source of signal interference came from a middle school in Zhangping. The school has installed a mobile phone signal jammer device in every classroom. There are 47 devices in total. It happens to be in a busy city again, and the interference is too strong, which affects mobile phones with a radius of 100 meters.

"It's a headache. Students use mobile phones to exchange messages during exams, study late at night and play games online." The relevant person in charge of the middle school complained that the school installed mobile jammers after careful consideration. Some students cheated on mobile phones. Self-study is on the Internet, which affects normal learning. They are already junior high school students and are in the critical period of entering school.

The law enforcement officers of the Longyan Radio Administration Bureau understood the school’s difficulties, but this is illegal. Section Chief Zhang of the Law Enforcement Section of Longyan Radio Administration Bureau told reporters that the mobile phone jammer installed in the school was a product of Sanwu. Qualified signal jammer equipment is a micro-power equipment, its transmission power is generally less than 3W, generally used indoors, the signal coverage is also within 10 meters.

"This type of installation of jammers has been discovered in some universities in Quanzhou, Guangdong and other places." Section Chief Zhang said that any unit or individual using mobile phone signal jammers must be authorized by laws and regulations. For example, some confidential meetings or state-level examinations related to confidentiality, and some important departments can use mobile phone signal jammers. There is no legal basis, the use of mobile phone signal jammers is illegal.