Electronic Mobile Phone Jammers Are Very Popular In The US Market

Many people have encountered such difficulties. When in public places, the person next to you keeps talking loudly on their mobile phones, and many people are so annoying, what should I do? The Americans have now come up with a way, and this kind of little thing is very popular, and the demand is constantly rising. This is a small device called a mobile cell phone jammer, which can emit a strong electric wave, which will make all mobile phones within 30 meters ineffective.

It is said that the demand for a mobile phone jammer is increasing, especially many coffee shops, hotels, theater operators, etc., they all buy a large number of this kind of mobile phone jammer, because there is really no way to actively let those who chatter. Stop talking, so I can only stop it with strong means.

However, in fact, it is illegal to use this jammer to interfere with other mobile phones in the United States, and the maximum fine can reach 11 thousand dollars. But despite the violation of the law, many people are eager to try, and the demand is constantly rising. Regulators now warn that this kind of thing may fall into the hands of criminals, especially terrorists. Once there is some emergency, if they also use this kind of mobile phone jammer, it will be bad, so it is still Use it with caution.