Judge the important indicators of mobile inmates and cell phones jammers

In the industrial production process, a variety of mobile inmates and cell phone jammer are used in the monitoring and control of the generation process, which will generate a variety of signals: both faint millivolt-level small signals and tens of volts There are even strong signals up to thousands of volts and hundreds of amperes; there are both DC low-frequency signals and high-frequency or pulse spike signals; these signals must pass through the process of mutual transmission and transmission, so how to ensure these Signals, especially analog signals, are not distorted during transmission will become a problem that must be solved in system debugging.

Specifically, only when the analog signal transmission between the control device and the sensors and actuators distributed in the field is faultless and undistorted, can the process control be safe and reliable. Especially low-power analog signals are affected by various external interference signals when they are transmitted in an industrial environment with high interference, and they need a reliable transmission channel. Daily work experience shows that, subject to the requirements of mobile phone jammers, analog signals must be handled and transmitted carefully. The measurement and control parameters transmitted in the form of analog signals between the field and the control layer are often in a harsh industrial environment in the transmission project, which may cause distortion of these signals.

Main technical indicators of mobile inmates and cell phones jammers:

1. Isolation strength: It is also called isolation ability, withstand voltage strength or test withstand voltage. This is one of the main parameters for measuring signal isolators. Unit: Volt@1 minute. It refers to the withstand voltage between input and output, input and power, and output and power. The larger the value, the better the withstand voltage, the stronger the isolation and the higher the filtering performance. Generally, this kind of pressure test is determined by the pressure test of one-time samples. During this test, a 50Hz power frequency voltage will be applied between the input and output, input and power supply, and output and power supply for several minutes, so as to determine that there will be no breakdown between the device and another potential surface. Voltage value.

Currently, the isolation strength of mobile inmates and cell phones jammers on the market is divided into several levels such as 2000V@1 minute, 1500V@1 minute, 1000V@1 minute, 500V@1 minute, etc.

2, accuracy: This is a measure of the quality of a signal isolation transmitter. The industry generally can achieve ±0, 2% of the range

3. Temperature coefficient: it indicates the change in accuracy of instruments such as mobile inmates and cell phones jammers when the ambient temperature changes. In most cases, it is expressed as a percentage (also expressed as a unit of 250ppm/K), for example: the temperature coefficient of the MDSC series mobile phone jammer of the Madshen brand in the United States is ±0, 015%/℃ (equivalent to 150ppm/K) .

4. Response time: characterizes the response speed of the signal mobile inmates and cell phones jammer.

5. Insulation resistance: a numerical characterization of the isolation between the internal power supply and the enclosure.

6. Load resistance: reflects the load capacity of the mobile inmates and cell phones jammer.