Inside A Cell Phone Jammer

Yesterday, the citizens of Luoyang reported that on the afternoon of the 23rd, he used his mobile phone to call a friend, but the voice of a stranger was heard on the phone. He felt very strange. In the following two days, Mr. Liu had multiple instances of cross-connection while making or answering calls on his mobile phone. He thought it was a problem with his mobile phone, and after asking several colleagues, he found out that they had encountered a similar situation in recent days. "Calling on a mobile phone in the past few days is very poor, and the call process is always intermittent." Luoyang citizens also reflected. A network technician from Luoyang Unicom said that in recent days, high schools in Luoyang are conducting mock exams. In order to prevent candidates from cheating, Inside A Cell Phone Jammer is set up near the exam room, which will have a certain impact on users using mobile phones around the exam room. Regarding the problem of cross-connection when the mobile phone is talking, the technician said that in addition to the impact of cell phone jammer , it may also be due to the user's mobile phone setting up incoming call forwarding.

A technician from Luoyang Mobile Company said that in recent days, the mobile company has received many calls from users asking why the mobile phone signal is poor or the mobile phone calls are crossed, and they all patiently explained. He said that after the full Luoyang high school mock test on the afternoon of the 26th, the mobile phone communication will return to normal. "Setting Inside A Cell Phone Jammer is to ensure fairness in exams and prevent candidates from cheating, and should be supported," said a Luoyang citizen. But some Luoyang citizens believe that setting up mobile phone jammers near the examination room violates the rights of Luoyang citizens to use mobile phones normally. Luoyang citizens said that the mobile phone signal is disturbed. If Luoyang citizens need to call for help in an emergency but cannot get through, it will cause serious consequences. Who should be held responsible? The lawyer said that according to my country's radio management regulations, it is not allowed to release radio interference to legally established radio stations (including mobile phones). Without legal procedures, the development, production and use of radio interference equipment are illegal and must be prohibited.