Jammer Cell Phone Circuit

Every college entrance examination is responsible for the important task of selecting talents for the country, which is related to the fate of countless young people. The fairness and justice of the examination is particularly important. At present, the shielding technology for 2G/3G/4G signals is very mature, but most Jammer Cell Phone Circuit on the market cannot shield 5G signals. With the rapid development of science and technology, how to ensure the order of the examination room, combat possible cheating, and prevent the spread of information in the examination room has become a problem. Top priority. After receiving the demand for a 5G signal shielding solution from the Ministry of Education, China Mobile responded quickly and immediately formed a special team, and the Chengdu Industrial Research Institute was responsible for formulating the 5G cell phone jammer shielding solution. The solution deploys a set of signal shielding equipment in each standard classroom to achieve 5G signal shielding in the examination room, while effectively shielding 2G/3G/4G signals, Bluetooth, WiFi and other standard signals to maximize the fairness of the exam.

The signal shielding device is plug-and-play, no configuration required, convenient to use and flexible application. The solution also provides a 5G Jammer Cell Phone Circuit device management platform to achieve unified data presentation of information such as the model, status, and deployment location of access devices. The college entrance examination carries tens of millions of hopes and dreams, and every sloppy delivery will become a mistake with a huge impact. The engineer in charge of product capability building in the R&D Department of Chengdu Industrial Research Institute said: "It is precisely because everyone has experienced the college entrance examination and knows how important it is for the candidates to be fair, so no matter how difficult this task is, we will definitely complete it. "During the project, it became the norm for each team to work overtime on weekends and work until late at night every day. But it is precisely because of this persistence that the 5G signal shielding solution for the college entrance examination room was quickly launched, and was highly recognized by the Student Department of the Ministry of Education and the examination center.