Micro Cell Phone Jammer

When will I pick up the test paper? "What procedures do I need to perform to pick up the test paper?" "How should the test paper be unpacked?" Before the test, the leadership team of the test room worked closely with the college and actively negotiated. Work standards, standardize the test implementation process, epidemic prevention and control requirements and related precautions, to ensure that the test work process is foolproof, and the test is carried out in an orderly manner. On the day of the test, the test staff perform their respective duties. After the candidates enter the college, they line up according to the test room, and enter the test room along different routes under the guidance of the guide. During the examination, in accordance with the general requirements of objectivity, strictness, fairness and safety, strictly implement the regulations of the examination work, strictly implement the rigid requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely organize the examination in accordance with the examination procedures and disciplinary requirements. The whole process is strictly organized and safe. It went well, Micro Cell Phone Jammer made the periphery of the examination room quiet, and cell phone jammer completely shielded the surrounding signals.

During the examination, in order to achieve fair recruitment and sunshine recruitment, there are sentries on duty in every corner of the examination room to be responsible for the peripheral security; each examination room is equipped with high-definition video surveillance, Micro Cell Phone Jammer , radio monitoring and suppression equipment and metal detectors and other equipment and two The above-mentioned invigilators will take measures such as multi-certificate verification and human-certificate comparison to review the qualifications of candidates; technicians will be on duty in the monitoring room at all times to ensure that all monitoring equipment in the testing room is in normal operation, and all monitoring data are clear and smooth, with no blind spots and dead ends. During the examination, all the officers and soldiers of the detachment fully carried forward the spirit of not being afraid of fatigue, continuous combat, and dedication, always strictly abiding by the discipline of the masses, flexibly handling various situations, and maintaining a good military appearance, civilized on-duty language, and excellent on-duty skills. The order of the task examination room shows the good image of the armed police officers and soldiers. It is understood that the content of the unified examination includes public subjects and 1 corresponding professional subject, and mainly assesses the comprehensive quality and professional foundation of candidates. After the exam is over, the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission will delineate the qualifying score for public subjects according to the proportion of 90% of the candidates going online; according to the proportion of shortlisted positions, those who reach the qualifying score for public subjects will be ranked from high to low according to the uniformed test scores of the whole army. Determine the list of candidates for the exam and publish the list on the Military Talent Network.