Mobile jammer is standard in the examination room

In China, mobile phone jammers have become standard test room equipment. For example, high school entrance exams, postgraduate exams, civil service exams, and various qualification certificate exams, signal jammers are used to prevent candidates from communicating with the outside world through wireless signals (mobile phones). Contact to prevent cheating in the examination room. How does the mobile cell phone jammer interfere with the mobile phone signal and Internet signal? Let's first understand how it works.

The working principle of the mobile phone signal jammer is based on the uplink and downlink channels of the mobile phone system, using techniques such as frequency multiplication and frequency division filtering to analyze the required shielding frequency, and customize a spherical shielding space according to the Power of the mobile phone jammer, and use the frequency emitted by itself To interfere with the mobile phone receiving the frequency from the base station and the wireless router, and automatically form a shielding magnetic field within the specified range, so as to achieve the purpose of shielding the signal.

The mobile phone jammer can shield the 2G/3G/4G/5G/WiFi signal of the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone cannot work normally, and can effectively prevent students from cheating using mobile phones and other electronic devices. It is precisely because of the excellent interference effect of the mobile phone signal jammer that it has become one of the necessary equipment in many examination places.

Both the country and the government are rigorously investigating cheating. The current cheating is not just the cheating method of cheating notes, but also the cheating method of searching for answers on the Internet and sending text messages to communicate with the outside world. For this kind of cheating The behavior may not be discovered in time. Therefore, it is reasonable to carry out detection through such equipment. The signal jammer is very convenient to use, it can be used when it is plugged in, and it can be turned off when not in use. This not only can effectively prevent cheating, but also does not affect the normal use of mobile phones after the exam.

Mobile phone signal jammers are mainly aimed at all kinds of places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited, such as various examination rooms, schools, gas stations, churches, courts, libraries, conference centers (rooms), theaters, hospitals, governments, finance, prisons, public security, and military centers. It is understood that the mobile phone jammers on the market can limit the signal of mobile phones 500M meters away from the transmitting station. The shielding radius is adjustable, and the coverage area reaches more than 30 square meters. The mobile phone jammer can only shield the mobile phone signal without affecting other electronic devices.