Mobile Jammers Are Banned In Germany

Mobile phones are popular and essential. The use of smartphones should be as smooth as possible everywhere-this is what users want. So, why would anyone be interested in disturbing the phone?
In certain rooms and certain events, using mobile phones is very annoying. For example, the operator of a movie theater will be happy about human interference.

Even teachers may not care if students cannot use smartphones in class.
With the help of mobile phones, customers can quickly compare prices in stores-so there are good reasons to negotiate prices. Therefore, retail stores will benefit from in-store cell phone jammer.

In Germany, there are clear regulations: anyone who wants to use the frequency needs to be allocated. Mobile phone jammers send out radio waves to disrupt reception. Therefore, users of mobile phone jammers will need to allocate frequencies in accordance with the Telecommunications Act.

In Germany, the sale of handheld jammers is prohibited. In theory, you can build anything you need-just not put it into use. The competent authority is the Federal Network Administration. This will not only confiscate the equipment, but also impose a fine of up to 1,000 euros. If you use a cell phone jammer to obstruct emergency calls, the penalty may be more severe. The state has a monopoly on radio frequencies, so jammers can also be used. For example, this happens in prisons.

The entire European Union prohibits the transaction and use of cell phone jammers. However, in some countries/regions, jammers have been approved or used by the authorities. The frequency interferes with cell phone usage in many movie theaters and theaters in France. Many areas of the technical field are regulated by law. Therefore, also have the right to use pictures. We will explain exactly what this means in another practical tip.